Welcome to enKardia

For three generations now, we are devoted to the cultivation of our family owned olive grove. The Greek word "enKardia", which means “from our heart”, is the best brand name describing the love and respect we have for Greek tradition and nature.

Using methods which withstood time because of their accuracy and efficiency, we produce an Ultra Premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil today, adding modern, innovative, certified practices.

Located in Laconia, Pelloponisos, enKardia produces a series of EVOO by following all the European regulations, ensuring every yield to be of guarateed, stable quality.

Excellent quality olives

enKardia EVOO is produced from olives of Koroneiki variety, from our olive grove in Geraki Lakonia, Greece. The caltivation is done without the use of pesticides or other chemicals.


Harvesting starts in mid-October when the fruit is still green, resulting in olive oil of high quality, retaining its unique organoleptic properties, fruity scent and remarkable flavor.

Same day olive oil production

The fruit is collected by hand and the process of cold pressing starts immediately after harvesting at 27°C, solely with mechanical methods.


The olive oil is stored in tanks of one ton each with nitrogen provision and controlled temperature. The nitrogen blocks the contact between air and olive oil thus oxidization is avoided.

Bottling - Packaging

Bottled in well designed untransparent containers, which protect the oil from light, and in which it can be preserved for a longer period of time (18 months).

Greek Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that our product is 100% greek extra virgin olive oil. We have respected nature and the authenticity of greek tradition of olive oil production, for three generations.

Our intention is to contibute to global awareness of the importance of the mediteranean diet, in which Extra Virgin Olive Oil plays a major role.