enKardia olive grove
at Geraki, Lakonia - Greece

The olive grove is located in Laconia southeast from Sparti, in a village named Geraki (Tsilia area), at 300 m. altitude

Enkardia ελαιώνας

Since 1867, the olive grove of the location is officially recorded as a national olive grove of the Greek nation. Our olive grove is a part of this area, where the production of enKardia Extra Virgin Olive Oil starts.



Geraki, which is located in the place of an ancient city of Geronthres, is a city which belongs to the municipality of Evrotas, while being the headquarters of this municipality as well. It is found at 300 metres altitude in the northeast part of Laconia, at the foothills of mountain Parnonas and has a 39 kilometres distance southeast from Sparti.