Packaging: Tinplate can
Quantities: 1 lt, 5 lt
QuantityNumber of containers
1 lbox of 12 units
5 l crate of 160 units

EnKardia Traditional

Extra virgin olive oil

EnKardia Traditional extra virgin olive oil is an olive oil of low acidity of 0,4%. It is produced by olives of Koroneiki variety (Maniataki), which come from our olive grove.

Harvesting starts in mid-October when the fruit is still green, making the oil of high quality, giving it unique organoleptic properties, fruity scent and remarkable flavor.

The fruit is collected by hand and the processing of oil extraction happens at the same time while harvesting at 27°C solely with mechanical methods.

It is stored in a tank with nitrogen provision and controlled temperature. The nitrogen blocks the contact between air and olive oil thus oxidization is avoided.

It is bottled according to specifications in tinplate cans in which it can be well preserved for a great amount of time (18 months).

It is a product of high dietary value which represents the foundation of the mediterranean diet.

Chemical AnalysisLaboratory measurementMaximum limits
Acidity0,4% (max 0,8)
Κ270 0,116 (max 0,22)
Κ232 1,71 (max 2,50)
Delta-K -0,004(max 0,01)
Peroxide Value 11,14 mEqO2/kgr (max 20)
Waxes 37 (max 150)
Ethyl-esters 5 (max 35)
Chemical AnalysisLaboratory measurement (ανά 100 ml)
Energy 824 Kcal, 3448 Kj, 9 Kcal/gr
Proteins 0 gr
Ολικά λιπαρά 91,6 gr
εκ των οποίων:
Κορεσμένα λιπαρά 13,7 gr (15,0%)
Saturated λιπαρά 70,3 gr (76,7%)
Polyunsaturated λιπαρά 7,6 gr (8,3%)
Trans λιπαρά 0 gr
Cholesterol 0 mg
Cabrohydrates 0 gr
εκ των οποίων:
Σάκχαρα 0 gr
Salt 0 gr